These rules are very important please try and follow them. Edit

  1. Not allowed to edit this page. All strikes time are depending on how bad it is.
  2. No swearing on this wikia . All strikes time are depending on how bad it is.

Please dont do testing on this wikia even for bad behavior. All strikes should be at least 1 year or 6 month.

Admin rules Edit

1. Not allowed to banned someone for something you dont like unless it a rule. Edit

2. Dont swear at a user if you notice an admin swearing at a user take a screenshot and you cant use photoshop because I can un-photoshop it. Message a staff member or :Ranson 2. Edit


Chat rules Edit

1.No swearing in chat.

2. No breaking rules in Private Messanger.

3. They are many bad behaviors you can do on chat please dont do them.

4. Dont report someone for false behavior on chat to Ranson 2Edit

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